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Alkimi Earrings #2 *

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Alkimi Earrings #2 *


- a beautiful, unique gift idea for women (Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthdays' etc).
- handmade porcelain earrings made with a porcelain that contains no bone ash (vegan friendly)
- made in a completely solar powered studio and packaged with sustainably sourced materials.

Drop length (total): 1.5" (4cm)
Width of porcelain: 1" (2.5cm)

Surgical steel kidney ear wires are made in the USA and are hypoallergenic. They contain no nickel.
Porcelain discs are completely handmade, fired a total of three times, hand rolled, hand glazed individually. Because of the very handmade rustic nature of these earrings, they may slightly vary. The image pattern will vary per earring and per pair, as these are designed to be asymmetrical OOAK earrings.

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