Aroma Bracelet - Marble ABM +

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Aroma Bracelet - Marble ABM +
Aroma Bracelet - Marble ABM +

Frosted Marble, Cypress Wood Beads & Platinum Plated Textured Beads

Marble is said to be the stone of potential as it is often seen as an artist's stone. A raw form of marble has the potential to be made in to almost anything the artist can imagine it to be. When worn marble helps the wearer to grow their self control while still chasing their dreams.
This bracelet can be worn as it comes, or can be used as an aroma bracelet to diffuse your choice of essential oil. When worn with essential oil, the wooden beads absorbs the fragrance and naturally diffuse through the day. Simply place one drop of oil on any of the wooden beads and the scent will last strongly for a couple of days and begin to fade from there.

All bracelets are designed and made to a standard 7 inch internal circumference. Using 6mm beads, this jewellery is designed to be delicately pretty, but can create a beautiful statement when layered.

Please keep in mind these bracelets are handmade from natural materials, therefore each bracelet will be unique and may vary slightly to the photo.

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